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Filder Pokal 2019

The Filder Pokal goes into its tenth round. We will also organise the competition in Ostfildern in 2019. On 01st/02nd of June the cup will be awarded again on two days. There will be an elite and a basic competition in proven manner. The directives will follow shortly.

Schedule, judges panel, competitors

All information like schedule, competitors and judges panel can be found at registration.

Registration possible

As of now the regsitration to the 9th Filder Pokal 2018 ist possible. Registration can only be done via our registration form. egistration deadline is May, 22nd 2018. A maximum number of 160 athletes each day will be allowed to register.

Directives ready

The directives of the 9th 9. Filder Pokal on June, 30th, until July, 1st, is ready. Registrations can be send from February on.

9th Filder Pokal will take place, date fixed

The Filder Pokal will take place in 2018 as well. The ninth competition will be held from June, 30th, until July, 1st, in Ostfildern/Ruit. The mode will be the same as last years: on Saturday the elite competitions and on Sunday the basis competitions. We also plan a Team Challenge at the end of day two. The directives will be published soon.

All results online

All result of the 8th Filder Pokals are now not only online via Sportstech.io available, but also as PDF. At reuslts you can download all files.

About the competition

Where we came from

We started eight years ago with a small competition directed to trampoline athletes not being able to compete on a championship level. Our goal was to offer a competition to these athletes on a quality standard of a big championship tournament.

Two years after the launch our national federation asked for opening the competition to elite competitors including qualification possibility to national and international championships. Since than we arrange a two days competition for both athletes groups.

What We Offer

The highest quality in organizing and executing a competition is our goal. We offer the best in the technical equipment, schedule, and environment as food and beverage.

First time in the history of the Filder Pokal we offer an international competition for elite trampoliners compatible to FIG regulations. Still, we stand for the initial purpose of the competition: allow non championship competitors to participate at an competition with high class organisation.

Competition news (archive)

All results online

All result of the 8th Filder Pokals are now not only online via Sportstech.io available, but also as PDF. At reuslts you can download all files.

Schedule and judges panel finalized

The judges panels for all competitions and the schedule is now finalized. You can find the lists at Registration

Judges panel complete

The judges panels for all competitions are now complete. You can find the lists at Registration


After registration deadlin the schedule is available. You can find it at Registration.There you can find the link to the registration list.

Registration closed

The registration deadline is reached. No registration can be performed via the online form from now on. We still have free spots for competitors. If you want to compete at the Filder Pokal, feel free to write a mail to "info (at) filder - pokal (dot) de" with your registration request.

Registration deadline extended

We have decided to extend the registration deadlin by one week. New deadline ist May, 29th, end of the day.

Compulsory routines descriptions complemented

We complemented the description of the compulsory routines of the Basis competition. The routines can be find here.

Registration form online, you can apply for the competition

The registration form is online- thanks to your partner trampolinescores.com. You can apply for the competition right as of now. Please note, initially you have to register your club. Afterwards you will get a link to the registration form to your specified email address. Accommodation packages and tickets to the evening event have to be book via the form as well. We only offer a limited contingent. Don't hesitate to contact the organizing committee if you're having any problems or questions regarding the registration process.

Technical problems contact form

Due to technical problems no mails were sent which were entered via the contact form although a success message was displayed. Please sent requests made via the contact form once again so that we can answer.

8th Filder Pokal directives

The directives of the FIlder Pokal 2017 is ready. Since we're waiting for changes on the part of federations, the directive is not final in terms of age groups and compulsory exercises. All other information is final. Shortly, we'll offer accommodation packages which can be booked with the registration. The registration of the Filder Pokal 2017 will be opened in February.

8th Filder Pokal is scheduled

The Filder Pokal will be executed in 2017 as well. On the first weekend of July we invite the trampoline family to take part at the cup in Ostfildern nearby Stuttgart. We are happy to welcome athletes, coaches and judges on the 1st and 2nd of July 2017. This year the cup is announced international and we're looking forward to see athletes from Europe or maybe further away. The directives will be written soon and published on this web site within a short time. All information can be find here or at our Facebook site (www.facebook.de/TrampTBR). Please feel free to contact us for further information via mail (info(a)filder-pokal.de) or let us know if you want to be put onto our newsletter.

Filder Pokal 2016 Video

Nach längerer Zeit gibt es mal wieder eine kurze Zusammenfassung unseres Wettkampfes. Ein Dank geht an TW Entertainment für die Zusammenstellung des Films.